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Frequently Asked Questions

Some insight to what goes behind booking your event florist and what you need to know!

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Do you have minimums?

Yes & No.  We do not have minimums if you are only ordering floral as a drop off or pick up. This means you've purchased all floral & materials.  We do not return for pick up at end of night. You are responsible for the set up & removal of these items at your venue.  Double check this service is included or not in your planner/coordinator/venue's tasks & contract.  In most cases, this is not their responsibility & require a hired florist/decorator with proof of insurance to handle this. For full service weddings we have a $5k minimum. 


What does "full service" entail?

Full Service includes delivery, set up, installation, rentals, & pick up. A LOT is happening on your wedding day and we want you & your guests to enjoy it. This service ensures that all your ordered floral & rental items are set up on time and cleared at end of event. If there is floral to keep we can provide you with packing boxes.  However we are not responsible for cleaning up or packing your personal items. 


We do not have a planner/coordinator or onsite venue staff to set up our personal items. Is this something you offer?

Absolutely!  For an additional small fee, we can set up your personal items at your venue for you.  We ask all materials are ready for us at venue, labeled where it goes & with any instructions, unpacked, batteries in, etc. However, we do not clean up or pack your items at end of night. We recommend selecting a reliable friend or family member to place these items easily into a bin for you. More details about this service is listed in our contract. 


Do you provide fresh floral samples prior to event date?

In most cases, no. We provide many inspiration photos along your proposal that include examples of our own work, floral types/colors, rentals, & even create you custom digital renderings. With our 21 years of experience, we don't advise seeing fresh florals in advance for many reasons.  If you have a fall wedding and want to see your florals in spring, your selected flowers might not be available or if they are may not be fully developed because it is not their prime season. We can't promise mother nature is going to deliver you the same looking flower months apart. We cannot in good conscious promise any flower from your proposal due to availability, quality, and make the necessary substitutions to similar price point, look, and color.  As an experienced florist, we carefully select flowers that are typically not problematic for designing,  will bloom to desired openness in time, & will remain fresh throughout your event. 

However, in some cases we may want to create a sample of a centerpiece if we need a practice round in developing the desired look and size. In no circumstance, do we offer bridal bouquet samples. This is the part where you have created a comfort & trust level with your booked florist, so we can bring you the magic and surprise on the day of your wedding!


How do we get a quote?

Once you've booked your date & venue, you can begin the journey of hiring your florist & decorator. Please visit our Weddings & Events page to fill our our submission form here.  Include at least 3 inspiration photos or a link that showcases the look & feel of fresh floral & decor you envision. Our designer/owner, Nicole will respond within 24 hours to ask any other preliminary questions & schedule a complimentary phone consultation. Consultations are about 25-45 mins long. After our discussion, you will receive a proposal with contract within a few days. 


We're ready to book The Flower Hustler as our florist!  How do we reserve our date?

To book with us, we require a non-refundable deposit & signed contract. Depending on how far out your date is, it may be 2-3 total payments. Your final payment is due 30 days before event. We accept Zelle, check, or credit cards. All card transactions have an additional 4% processing fee. 

Your proposal will list your future payment, recap meeting, & venue walkthrough dates. 


What services do you offer outside of floral design?

We have tons of rental items! Various arches, candles, vases, pedestals, as well as pipe & drape (fabric walls or backdrops), uplighting, and small lounge furniture.  We offer a personal item set up service (listed above) & can even assist with table, chair, linen, napkin rentals if your venue or caterer does not. 

We are not a professional lighting or production company.  Any rigging, spotlighting, covered dance floors, etc. we allow you to book other vendors that offer more advanced services. However you must solely book us as your florist for the entire event days.  


Do you offer packages? 

We do not have "packages".  We create custom proposals to cater to your event floral & decor needs. Every event is different from the next and is hard to give a rough estimate without having a conversation. A 100 person wedding with 10 tables can cost $5k, it can cost $25k.  

We suggest many ways to maximize your floral budget during our consultation & even give alternative "Options to Consider" within proposal for you to see various price points and options. We recommend repurposing as much as possible, selecting floral in season, and design arrangements for you & your guests to keep so no floral goes to waste!

Keep in mind when selecting your venue how much decor it already offers. The higher the guest count the more centerpieces you will need. The bigger the bridal party the more bouquets/boutonnieres you will need. We also don't advice buying decor items or DIYing too much.  Save yourself the money & stress.  You will not need 87 candles after your wedding.  Leave the work to the professionals! 


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